Paint coating restoration

What it is:

 Ability to restore damaged elements of paint and varnish coating as a result of operation.


 Qualitative selection of colors, individual design of fonts and other design elements for each frame.

How we restore coverage?

Discussion and approval of work volume

Agreeing cost and terms

Removing measurements of design elements of the coating, selection of paints

Putty the damaged area,cover with soil

Grinding and applying the main color

Drawing of fonts and additional elements

Coating with varnish (separate area or whole frame)

We are Carbon Fibre Repair & Refinishing Experts: We offer a number of Paint and Refinishing options after Carbon Fibre Repair

Option 1: No Paint - Just Carbon Repair: Our cheapest "No Paint" option repairs the broken Carbon Fibre and leaves the bike with scars

Option 2: Low Cost Finish - Clear Coat over Repair: The carbon repair is visible (nude carbon) under protective clear coat paint

Option 3: Basic Finish - Single Colour over Repair: One colour paint repair (matte or gloss) with a protective clear coat

Option 4: Modified Finish - Simplified Paint/Graphics over Repair: A reinterpretation of colours / graphics & makes your bike extra special while keeping costs down

Option 5: Factory Finish - Replicate existing Paint / Graphics over Repair: The premium level is Factory Finish, which replicates your existing paint and graphics: most expensive and time consuming